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Welcome To Care & Concern

Care & Concern is dedicated to improving the life of neglected children and remote communities in India.

We are associated with different activities like Medical treatment, Education, Protecting children from hazardious labour exploitation, Participate and help in making the world a better place to live, Motivating the youth in remote communities to earn their livelihood from our experience of having ovserved many children aspiring to be Doctor, Pilot, Teacher etc in the remote communities where in they don't even have acess to required nutrition & more than this when they are suffering from threatning illnesses for which they don't have enough to spend to get it cured.

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Support Care and concern and save Underprivileged children life. Some Children have need your Help.


Kashif, at the tender age of 5 years is diagnosed with b ALL, a type of Blood cancer. He too deserves a normal & healthy life. But this is his fight for his life...

Master Tharun

Master Tharun is a 4-year-old kid just started to go to school. He was suffering from intermittent episodes of fever, with screening blood test it revealed that...

Kartik Krishna Gadekar

Kartik Krishna Gadekar (7 years) is a case of a congenital heart defect at Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital, Mumbai. He has a hole in her heart, and Truncus Arteriosus...

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Support Care and concern and save Underprivileged children life. Some Children have need your Help.

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You can donate us and we use your money to save Underprivileged children life and thier education and healthcare activities.

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If you want to join our team and want to do some great social work your most welcome in our team .

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What We do

Care & Concern is dedicated to improving the lives of neglected children in remote communities in India. It has been our experience that humanitarian relief seldom reaches the distant areas or villages yet they are the one who need it most.

At Care & Concern Foundation we believe that health & socio-economic development are so closely interconnected that it is impossible to achieve one without the other. We are extending support to initiatives that are working in the same direction.Our team works at different levels: areas of preventive, remedial and rehabilitative health care for children.

We care about the quality of life for childhood cancer & heart patients and their families making new treatments available to children with cancer & heart diseases. We are unique in our grant-making approach, having extended financial support to children battling with cancer & heart disorders. With careful consideration and consultation with leading doctors across the country, we have developed our grant program to make the biggest impact possible.Our support ensures improvement in the quality of life of our beneficiaries.

Education is one of the most effective agents of change in society. When a child is able to go to school today, he or she sets off a cycle of positive change. But, Despite the Right to Education (RTE) Act coming into force in 2010, access to education for every child remains a huge concern in the country. Thousands of children in India lack access to education and can’t even write their own names. Care & Concern along with its partner organisations are working at the grassroots level to make sure that children do not have to face these barriers and can enjoy a future full of opportunities because of the quality education they receive today.

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.